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Learn how Parallo migrated ProWorkflow to Azure to reduce cost, secure data and ready the growing SaaS company for scale. 

Building better workflows

For almost 20 years, ProWorkflow has been helping businesses all over the world with better workflows. Like many business ideas, the cloud-based, project management tool was born out of frustration. In 2002, there was no way to keep track of projects, tasks and time, so the company’s founder created and developed ProWorkflow. From day one, the vision was to go global, and today the software is used by businesses in the US, Australia, the UK, New Zealand, Europe and South Africa.

ProWorkflow generates, collects and manages an enormous amount of data. With its accelerated growth and ever-evolving compliance regulations, securing customer data is always a top priority.

Specialist services for SaaS businesses

When considering options, ProWorkflow’s general manager Vishal Nath came across Parallo at a conference. He says the company wanted to work with a team that was a Microsoft Azure Partner, who had proven data security experience and could help the
SaaS company accelerate their global growth. Parallo ticked all those boxes – and more.

“What sets ProWorkflow apart from its competition is customer service and support, and we wanted to work with a company that had the same values. Infrastructure is such a big part of our business, and we needed someone with who we could hand-on-heart
trust. We also wanted to work with a Microsoft CSP Partner, so Parallo is the crème de la crème,” Vishal explains.

Parallo helped ProWorkflow with the architecture planning for its data migration to Microsoft Azure, which took four hours, significantly reducing downtime for ProWorkflow’s customers.

Parallo now manages the maintenance and daily complexities of the cloud infrastructure, so it’s continuously optimised to deliver the highest levels of performance.

Seamless migration to Azure

Parallo’s initial challenge was helping ProWorkflow migrate its data from a primary data centre offshore to a modern and scalable platform – all the while safeguarding the integrity of its customer’s data.

The team meticulously planned the architecture changes, and rigorous testing ensured any hurdles or liabilities were pre-empted. The four-hour execution meant minimal disruption to ProWorkflow and its
customers. It now benefits from low-cost cloud infrastructure that can automatically scale as the business grows. ProWorkflow’s customer data is well-protected, securely accessible and meets all compliance regulations.

“The planning, communication and execution were all on point. When we went live, we all slept like nothing big had just happened in the company,” Vishal laughs. “That’s a testament to the Parallo and ProWorkflow team – it was all planned down to the minute and because of that, the migration went very smoothly.”

More opportunities on the horizon

With Parallo and Microsoft Azure, Vishal says the world is ProWorkflow’s oyster and the “synergy between the two companies is amazing.” Any work crossover can be easily mitigated because of Parallo’s robust processes and open communication channels. ProWorkflow receives daily reports that identify any issues and resolutions.

Now the project is complete, Vishal and his team can turn their attention to driving the business forward. Within the Azure Marketplace, the opportunities are endless and Parallo will be key to helping ProWorkflow plan and execute strategies over the next few years.

“That’s why we took our time to find the right company – I wanted longevity for whoever we chose to partner with. Parallo is always our first port of call – they’re good, honest people, and they always bring solutions to the table that are best for our

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“I no longer need to talk to my customers about service delivery issues, and that is a massive win for me.”

Vishal Nath

Vishal Nath, ProWorkflow | General Manager

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