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Learn how banking app i2i Logic gained a depth of expertise along with monitoring and support as their business grew internationally.


Banking app i2i Logic was growing fast, adding more customers and much larger customers – many of them international. i2i Logic knew they needed to scale their platform and required deep expert help to ensure the application delivered a great experience for clients.

Set up for growth

In the world of corporate banking, growth is all about information. i2i Logic makes that simple by letting banking relationship managers add proprietary banking data to preloaded information. That makes information more readily available while providing insights that enable effective sales conversations.

Eight years into the journey, Chief Technology Officer Simon Escott says i2i Logic was on a growth trajectory. But, with an infrastructure service that was “a bit patchy,” he knew it needed extra support.

“We started to bring on more significant clients, in time zones all over the world. We realised we needed to have a higher level of support for outages, and more assistance and expertise with Azure,” Simon explains.

Day-to-day support

Parallo has been supportive when issues crop up.

“They’ve been very responsive. We had a previous incident, where they were providing services at 2 am our time, 4 am their time,” says Simon.

As a company with clients all around the world, that kind of support is exactly what i2i Logic needs.

“Knowing that if something goes down in the middle of the night, Parallo will contact someone. We haven’t had too many of those incidents but knowing that backstop is there is good."

Getting the basics right

Simon attended a rhipe-hosted industry event. “The event had beer, so I turned up,” laughs Simon. “Parallo did a presentation, and as a smaller company, I felt like they understood the challenges that growing companies face.”

Shortly after, Parallo and i2i Logic began working together, kicked off by a Discovery Workshop.

“That was good,” says Simon. “We went through to understand what the infrastructure looked like, what we could do to cut costs and make it more secure. It was a stocktake.”

Those plans were brought to fruition through close collaboration and weekly status meetings.

“Over the past year, we’ve undertaken a range of reviews across security, and virtual machine utilisation, making sure we can right-size everything. We’ve established alerts and monitoring to get a consistent approach across everything,” he explains.

That initial stage was about getting the basics of infrastructure management right, and the next stage was to secure the environment.

Peace of mind - monitoring and expertise

That level of monitoring and support has taken a load off.

“From a business perspective, there’s a level of peace of mind that they’re sitting there keeping an eye on things. They have their systems and alerts set up and going. We’re too small to hire someone full-time and this way we have a wider range of expertise.”

Simon says that even if i2i Logic was big enough to hire a full-time person, it wouldn’t replace Parallo.

“It’s somewhere to go to when I have a question. I haven’t had a situation where someone didn’t know how to resolve the issue in Azure. That’s always been good,” he explains.

The support to grow

For Simon, it’s a simple equation – to grow, he needs smart people to build and run systems.

“Parallo helps with both of those,” he says.

Behind Parallo’s expertise is something perhaps just as important – how easy it is to work with.

“Parallo is easy-going as a company. The ChatOps are chatty and informal, but they do back it up with a fair bit of expertise. They’re good people, easy to work with and good expertise,” says Simon.

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“There’s a level of peace of mind that they’re sitting there keeping an eye on things. They have their systems and alerts set up and going. We’re too small to hire someone full-time and this way you have a wider range of expertise.”

Simon Escott, i2i Logic| Chief Technology Officer 

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