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Learn how Parallo delivered Commvault backup and recovery infrastructure, providing business confidence and peace of mind.

Securing data in healthcare

Healthscope is a leading provider of healthcare services within Australia and beyond, distinguished by the service offerings provided across the hospital, medical centres and international pathology divisions. Given the size of the business, Healthscope generates a wealth of critical data which requires protection and secure access for its employees.

With a primary data centre and a second dedicated to backup and disaster recovery – which consisted of disparate data sources – Healthscope was running two versions of Commvault on ageing infrastructure, neither of which was being used at optimum capacity. This led to regular backup failures and a lack of accurate reporting.

Bringing in the experts

Paul Williams, Healthscope Chief Information Officer, recognised that they could benefit from the expertise that Parallo could provide in improving their environment and handling the day-to-day management of their data. As a long term Commvault partner, Parallo brought an in-depth knowledge of the technology and the expertise to help Healthscope consolidate their environment to ensure their data was secure and accessible.

Parallo were brought in to run the day-to-day management of backups. Within three months they had successfully achieved 98% backup success rates and solved a number of problems across the data management function.

Parallo worked with Healthscope to modernise the infrastructure in which Commvault operates, ensuring it was optimised to deliver the highest levels of performance.

Achieving backup success with Commvault

Parallo has now helped Healthscope move to a predominantly disk based backup solution, including removal of all overnight tape copies at Healthscope’s hospitals and the majority of medical centres. They are now benefiting from accurate daily reports of any backup failures that have occurred and monthly reports on backup success and trends, enabling them to quickly identify and address backup issues.

“This improved internal reporting means our IT team can see exactly the status of our servers and solve any issues as soon as possible,” said Williams. “We have a really high level of confidence from the business – Commvault is a very good product that we have being support and managed by a very good team at Parallo.”

Near perfect score

Parallo quickly created a tight and seamless partnership with Healthscope. They continue to provide the day-to-day management of Healthscope’s data, and conduct quarterly reviews, which include modernisation of technology or identifying any issues in a particular hospital or medical centre – issues which the Parallo team can help them manage onsite.

As the close partnership between Parallo, Commvault and Healthscope has continued, business assurance in the data being available and easily accessible is now assumed. Healthscope are operating at a 99.5% completion rate on backups, across what is a fairly extensive and diverse range of infrastructures.

Williams adds, “Commvault offers a rock solid backup and recovery infrastructure that does exactly what it needs to do to support the business.”

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“Improved internal reporting means our IT team can see exactly the status of our servers and solve any issues as soon as possible.”

Paul Williams, Healthscope | Chief Information Officer

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