ClaimSafe: Scaling with a push of a button

ClaimSafe scales fast with AWS Landing Zones. Parallo successfully built secure, repeatable cloud infrastructure so ClaimSafe can help more clients - without weeks long lead time. 


ClaimSafe: “We can scale with the push of a button.”

The brief? Deploy an AWS landing zone. The results? Over three weeks, Parallo deployed a best-practice landing zone. With a secure, repeatable cloud infrastructure, ClaimSafe can scale up while optimising costs.

The best digital platform for home emergency response

When a customer logs an emergency insurance claim, they expect a fast response. ClaimSafe helps make that happen by utilising location-based services to allocate the nearest trades. From one digital platform, insurers, brokers, loss adjusters and repairers can access instant job reporting at every critical stage of the response process.  

Scale-up SaaS requires additional expertise

From the start, ClaimSafe decided to design and build its application in-house, working with an off-shore development team. As Manager Sharon Cottam explains, it also needed the proper infrastructure to host its solution. But, as most start-ups know, hiring full-time resources isn’t always an option. Sharon adds, "We’ve been focused on scaling while keeping costs down.”

That’s when an email from Parallo dropped into Sharon’s inbox. “It was perfect timing,” she laughs. “From our first conversation, I could tell they had the level of expertise we were looking for in a SaaS partner.”

Brief: deploy application landing zone

Based on business goals and technical requirements, Parallo was engaged to deploy an AWS landing zone enabling ClaimSafe to scale its product quickly.

This involved integrating AWS Single Sign-On with Azure AD, allowing the company to leverage its existing infrastructure and user base and enabling users to access AWS resources – without creating additional IAM users in AWS. The project commenced with a kick-off meeting where Parallo’s DevOps Engineer talked through the work details.

Parallo explained that the overall goal was a well-managed environment for ClaimSafe to run its workloads, using best practices to build a strong organisational structure. This would allow it to separate its workloads for more robust data security and governance while still having access to a consolidated view of the environment from one account.

Throughout the project, the Parallo team worked closely with ClaimSafe through weekly catch-ups and two-way communication channels to identify and mitigate any roadblocks. Overall, Parallo was able to implement the project within three weeks.

“We were on a tight deadline to go live with our application, and Parallo went above and beyond to help make that happen.”

Sharon says she was – and still is – blown away by Parallo’s support:

“They are very good at what they do,” she says. “They were incredibly patient and took the time to find a different approach when we lacked specific technical knowledge, so we were all on the same page.

Fast scaling with secure, repeatable infrastructure

Now that the landing zone project is complete, ClaimSafe can migrate into best-practice infrastructure. Sharon explains that the company handles sensitive information and must meet compliance standards like ISO27001.

“With Parallo’s expertise, we’re confident that we meet all those requirements,” she says.

The infrastructure is also repeatable, which means ClaimSafe can consistently apply configurations and controls to every subscription.

“When we get new clients, we can scale with the push of a button,” says Sharon. “We don’t need eight weeks to build the infrastructure – and we’re really happy with that.”

With a customised workflow pipeline, ClaimSafe can automate changes to its AWS landing zone resources, significantly reducing the manual workload for its development team. This workflow pipeline serves the purpose of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) for their AWS landing zone, enabling efficient and reliable management of their resources, especially as its architecture requirements evolve.

In addition, ClaimSafe can swiftly spin up its most recent modules and components within the AWS landing zone in a disaster recovery scenario, minimising downtime.

Access to AWS funding

Sharon explains that Parallo has also been instrumental in helping ClaimSafe access AWS funding, which is a big win for any start-up.

“We had no idea what was available,” Sharon says. “With Parallo’s help, we’ve secured around US$10,000 in AWS funding credits, significantly reducing the project cost. It’s worth having people like that because it opens a whole different world for us.”

Moving forward with Parallo

Parallo optimises and manages ClaimSafe’s cloud environment through its Cloud Platform Management Service. Sharon says there are many benefits to continuing ClaimSafe’s partnership with Parallo.

“First, we’ve got someone monitoring our cloud environment who can step in before small problems get any bigger. Second, our developers can focus on improving our app without worrying about platform distractions.”

With more projects on the horizon, Sharon is confident that ClaimSafe has a bright future.

“With Parallo, we’ve got access to hard-to-find skills and knowledge bundled in one person. In my opinion, that’s priceless.”

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“We were on a tight deadline to go live with our application, and Parallo went above and beyond to help make that happen.”

Sharon Cottam ClaimSafe | General Manager

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