Cin7 uses Parallo to scale fast

Learn how Cin7 partnered with Parallo to enable global scale, cost efficiency and a relentless focus on product development.

In Summary:

Parallo Cloud Platform Management frees Cin7 to focus on their product, not fixes. The partnership helps Cin7 enable global scale, drive cost efficiency and concentrate on product features.

Scale software globally

Starting small with a technical founder focused on solving a problem, Cin7’s case study is exactly the type of success story that we like to share. Partnering with Parallo has enabled Cin7 to focus relentlessly on their product and scale their software business globally. “Starting from a no-name company to having about 150 staff now and thousands of customers around the world, you need a partner to help you scale technically, and Parallo has really helped us with it,” says Danny Ing, Founder and Chief Architect at Cin7.

After garnering outside investment, Cin7 were able to scale efficiently and accelerate their growth globally. Today, Cin7 are a global powerhouse in the inventory management space.

Automate the cloud

Parallo worked with Cin7 to automate their cloud environment on Microsoft Azure so that they only pay for the functionality they need, when they need it. In addition, Parallo and rhipe used Microsoft’s CSP subscription model to ensure that Cin7 get as much value from Azure as possible.

“rhipe’s expertise illustrated for us how jointly we could help Cin7 save money on their monthly costs. And that was quite tangible and significant for Cin7,” said Symon Thurlow, Co-founder and CEO at Parallo. In addition to saving money on Azure licensing, Parallo has also enabled Cin7 to be able to scale technically, providing their expertise in Cloud Architecture, DevOps and SRE to support Cin7’s teams.


Leverage product development

Since working with Parallo, Cin7 have been able to relentlessly focus on product development. It’s freed them up to improve their DevOps capability, and test and deploy product updates faster. “Parallo have really blended well into the Cin7 engineering team to give us consultancy advice on architectural direction, as well as actually joining in with the team and getting some of the heavy lifting done and working with our engineers to get some of those outcomes,” said Ian Randall, Head of Engineering at Cin7

Parallo has also helped Cin7’s DevOps and operations team to ensure that security, performance, availability and cost are always being optimised. “We bring in new innovative features of the Azure platform to them. They have their own product roadmaps as well and where they need to they reach out to us to help them accelerate those,” says Symon Thurlow.

Focus on features

Partnering with Parallo has also meant that senior staff such as Danny Ing can focus on ensuring that their product is as competitive as possible. “I don’t have to learn about hardware and servers and uptime, and databases anymore. Personally, I can focus on the product and make sure that it is as competitive as possible in the market we’re in,” he said.

While initial work with Cin7 was around migration to Azure and platform optimisation, in recent times it’s shifted to modernising the application, the way they leverage the Azure SQL services, DevOps, automation and more. “Parallo have been instrumental in helping us get where we are. They’ve offered us advice and consultancy where needed, but they’ve offered us practical hands on help and blended into our engineering team where that’s been required,” Ian Randall said.

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“I don’t have to learn about hardware and servers and uptime, and databases anymore. I can focus on the product and make sure that it is as competitive as possible in the market we’re in.”

Danny Ing, Cin7 | Founder and Chief Architect

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