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Introducing our first COO: Parallo is growing up


Introducing our first COO

Recently, Parallo has been enjoying hockey-stick growth mode – sharing some of the excitement (and the challenges!) that our SaaS clients experience.

That’s come off the back of our Rhipe acquisition and the support it’s added to our business. It’s opened worlds of opportunity as we expand overseas and means a bit of reshuffling internally.

One significant change: we have introduced a brand-new Chief Operating Officer (COO) role.

Handing over the day-to-day

Our new COO will help us navigate the operational complexities of growing fast. We mustn’t lose our care for our people or customers as we scale.

Safe to say, I’m stoked to have someone who can focus on Parallo’s day-to-day. That means I can spend more time where I know I’m needed most – investing in our strategic vendor relationships, reaching out to new clients, staying super-connected with our existing ones, and putting focused time into our people. It’s the same story we’re always telling our clients – we’re being strategic about where we all spend our time so that we can drive towards sustainable business growth.

We went through a rigorous recruitment process and were humbled by the calibre of people that responded.

So, who is that new COO? It’s Cameron Rangeley – formerly our Cloud Services Manager.

Introducing Cameron Rangeley, COO

Stepping Cam up into the COO role made perfect sense. To us, cultural alignment is essential when it comes to hiring, along with a passion for our customer outcomes and care for our people. We already know Cam fits those criteria, plus he doesn’t take himself too seriously (another important Parallo attribute).

Cam has worked in the IT industry for over 20 years and built and sold two successful managed service-provider businesses. That expertise and entrepreneurial mindset make him the perfect person to steer the ship.

“I am passionate about helping SaaS companies scale. It’s been so great to see how Parallo has grown so much recently – we do such good work, and I’m loving seeing the team’s hard work pay off. I’m looking forward to keeping that momentum going.”

Cam, it’s great to have you on the team (still).


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