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Don’t walk in the wilderness of cloud management


Azure platform management commandments to live by

When you’re building a business, creating a company culture, attaining funding, crafting a product or service that blows the competition out of the water it’s fair to say there are a lot of balls in the air. Time and time again we see ISV and SaaS providers innovating, building, testing, deploying and managing applications on Microsoft Azure’s cloud platform but struggling to keep "the main thing the main thing". Staying focused on your customers' needs and your business’ growth is imperative – so why does it sometimes feel as though you’re walking in the wilderness of cloud management?

Using Azure to its full potential while keeping a lid on costs and managing rapid growth, are some of the common challenges faced. We’ve collated our experience, combined with our expertise and insights, into aCloud Platform eBook- Commandments new eBook: Cloud Platform Commandments for Software companies - How to maximise performance and optimise costs in Azure. It outlines these common cloud challenges and offers some ideas to help you overcome them.

The goal is to eliminate technical noise and platform distraction, so that your business can achieve its performance and security goals with Microsoft Azure, with minimal costs and risks. We'll show you how in these chapters:

The promised land: Azure Well-Architected Framework

The Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Framework is a technical guide for workloads in the cloud. It consists of five pillars of architecture excellence that Software companies using Azure should aim for.

How do you reach this promised land? Based on years of experience with the Azure platform, Parallo has developed these Cloud Platform 'Commandments' to help find your way.

Building your cloud team roster:

  1. You need solution architects to design your IT foundation
  2. Cultivate DevOps capability within your organisation
  3. It is important to incorporate a customer advocate within your product team
  4. Have Azure experts that can liaise and lead the way

Azure Cloud Platform fundamentals:

  1. Choose PaaS over IaaS
  2. Constantly monitor platform usage, so you don’t pay for what you don’t need
  3. Put security guard rails around your applications

Evolve your platform with Parallo’s automation library:

  1. Ensure organisation-wide compliance with policies in Azure
  2. Evolve automations (or partner with someone who does)
  3. Choose Azure Managed Services for reliable infrastructure and optimised expense

The idea is to create a focus on optimising cloud platform management, specifically for Microsoft Azure. Automation is a central, and key aspect of successful cloud platform management, because it underpins everything else from cost savings to uptime. We know that you have a lot on your plate with continual innovation and development, keeping teams on track, meeting customer demands, and seamlessly delivering applications to market. Successfully supporting and achieving that is down to having a robust cloud management strategy in place.



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