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COVID-19 update - March 16, 2020 - Blog | Parallo

As COVID-19 gains momentum around the world, I wanted to let you know the steps Parallo are taking to ensure continuity of service. We believe that swift and decisive action is in the best interest of our people and our business, so we’ve taken a broad approach to risk mitigation:

  • Parallo is predominately a Managed Service provider, delivering services remotely. These services can be delivered from anywhere.
  • We don’t have any technology bottlenecks should we need all our people to work remotely.
  • We have full-time remote workers, and as such we are highly practised using remote collaboration and communication tools to ensure BAU.
  • We’ve implemented a policy to halt any domestic or international travel, and attendance to all conferences or events.
  • We’ve offered all employees the option to work from home.
  • We’re ensuring that each of our delivery teams are predominantly split and working in different locations, ensuring that we have continuity of resource.
  • We’re reinforcing good hygiene habits around coughing, hand washing and so on.
  • We’re wiping down with anti-bacterial cleaners all desks, tables and door handles in our office daily.
  • Any staff member with cold or flu symptoms has been asked to stay at home.
  • In October 2019 we invoked our BCP plan during an actual event (not a test), which confirmed the plan as being accurate and effective. Should we need to move to full remote working, we are ready to go.
  • The landscape will be pretty dynamic for the next month or so, and well tune our position as needed to ensure the safety of our people and the continuity of service to our customers.

In summary we are well placed to ensure continuity of service, our team are by default configured for remote working, we have no reliance on our office, and we have no bottlenecks to facilitate full remote working.

Should you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to get in touch with myself or any of the Parallo team in the usual way or call us on +64 9 973 0500.