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COVID-19 update - April 3, 2020 - Blog | Parallo

Wow, what a crazy time! If you’re in New Zealand we’re on Day 9 of full lockdown, if you’re in Australia then further restrictions have come into force. This is uncharted territory for most people. In tough situations I believe that communications are more important than ever, so here is the latest update from the Parallo team.

We’ve always been 100% remote work capable at Parallo but being a people person, I thrive on the buzz of the Parallo office and get a lot of energy from watching the great work the team does on a daily basis, so it’s fair to say that working from home 100% has taken some adjustment! We’ve had a semi-distributed workforce for years, and have well established systems to stay connected, which sure are getting a workout now!

One of things I’m grateful for right now is a dog who loves to walk! A daily dose of fresh air has been invaluable in helping stay fresh and keep perspective. Another upside has been dropping the commute and the travel - being home to cook dinner, more time with my partner and the kids, it’s been great. Might be a different story in week 4, but for now it’s all good!

As a team we are staying connected with video calls and I’ve enjoyed seeing my team in their homes, with their kids often joining in the calls. On Fridays we do a virtual pub quiz that’s going really well, and we’ve got another today which I’m looking forward to. If you’re interested to know how we do it please message me, and I’ll share the set up.

On a more serious note, I’m incredibly proud of how the whole team has handled the disruption. They have hardly skipped a beat. Cloud Workshops, new customer on-boarding and BAU activities have continued. We’re working with some exciting ISV’s who have found an upside and are going after it – a good antidote to the decline across most businesses. Saying that, we’re feeling the slowdown like most others. Thankfully we have a diverse customer base and most of our revenue comes from services delivered remotely so we are in a good position to weather the storm.

I hope your business can weather the storm also. If there is anything we can do to help, like perhaps a complimentary cost analysis across your cloud spend, or an analysis of what you need to get to the cloud, please let us know.



Getting ready to start last Friday! From our virtual pub quiz.